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Leon Hart

Male Adult Companion
Explore your needs and desires in a safe, non-judgemental space.Allow yourself to be seen and held by a strong masculine essence. 

Your desire is my command

If you're single...

Even if you adore being a single woman (or man), sometimes you’d just love someone to connect intimately with, minus all the hassles of dating.

Well, here he is!


You may be desiring connection with a male adult companion for various reasons and I have you covered. Fulfil your desires discreetly and safely with me, without all the fuss.


Your mind might be running wild with ways in which you could connect with me, let's explore some of them here...

Play with a safe partner

That is way easier than Tinder! Imagine being provided with an attractive, clean and skilled partner, without having to spend hours on communication and dates. A no strings attached night of sex and debauchery, where your pleasure is number one. 

Boyfriend Experience

Indulge in the boyfriend experience without the strings or surrender to a reawakening (if it’s been awhile)!


Whether you are dreaming of a kiss and cuddle, followed by a sexy massage or blow your mind, OMG yes intimate experience, Leon would love to accomodate you. 

Explore Your Edges

Play and learn from an experienced male in the Kink/BDSM space. Bring your intimate desires and fantasies to the table, without judgement and explore your wildest dreams with Leon.


If being submissive is your jam, Leon would love to talk you through how this works and give you the domination you have been desiring. 


He is skilled in these areas and is an excellent communicator. Kink and a cuddle after? Yes please! 

Practice & Education

Maybe you want to feel confident in pleasuring men/women, or want to show up more embodied in intimacy. Or maybe you want to try being dominant? Either way, we can cater for your needs and more. 


Ask Leon for his help, feedback and assistance and you will be king/queen of the bedroom in no time.

If you're a couple

You may be wondering, well I already have a partner, why would I want another one to play with? Well, to this we say, WHY NOT?! 


Bringing a male companion into your relationship can be just the thing you need to explore your desires in a safe and supported way.


All of those naughty dreams you have been having and sexy ideas you have been throwing around with your partner can finally come true!


There are MANY reasons why you would want to explore with Leon for an evening...

Try New Things

We know that many couples want to experiment in the areas of kink and BDSM, but have no idea where to start. This is where Leon can come in, as an educator, as a demonstrator and as a practice playmate so you can dip your toes into these sexy scenarios.


Learn, experience and play out your naughtiest thoughts in real time with a sexy and experienced male to use as you please. 

Expand your skills

Been wanting to work on pleasure skills? Yearning to know more about how to pleasure your partner when being intimate? This is the place to gain knowledge, hands on experience and guidance on bringing your A game to the bedroom. 


Leon will show you exactly how to please your women or man, give you tips and tricks to get their sexual energy pumping and can even show you how to squirt (women) or how to have an internal orgasm (male). 

Gift your partner

Maybe you just want to give your partner a gift of a additional company!


This is a great place to play out your group fantasies, without having to worry about using an app or dating site.


Show up knowing Leon is safe, clean, experienced and comes drama free. 

Opening Things Up

Maybe an open relationship is something you have been curious about? This is the space to experiment with this dynamic!


Have the open relationship experience in a conscious way, with open communication, boundary setting and transparent dialogue throughout the time together.


Leon is experienced in open relating and a highly skilled communicator, he'd be more than happy to help you guide you in this setting and explore as much or as little as you desire.

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